Commissioning an Instrument

With a waiting list that has at times extended to two years, 90% of my sales have been on a commission basis. The process is as follows:

hand crafted instrument

  • A refundable deposit of 20% is required to begin work.
  • The remaining amount is due upon completion.
  • If the instrument is not what is desired, another will be made.
  • If this proves unsuccessful, the purchase amount is fully refunded.
  • It should be expected that an instrument takes a reasonable time to develop, depending on the player’s ability and playing style.
  • If at any time an instrument is made which is preferable to the one commissioned, and is unspoken for, an exchange can be made, with cost differentiation kept in mind.

It is in my interest to have my clients state their thoughts clearly and honestly, so I can serve them best. I wish for my instrument to be in the hands of a satisfied customer and where there is concern I will remedy the situation immediately. With a purchase of one of my instruments, I recommend at least four seasonal visits, all of which are free of charge. If visits to my studio are not possible for clients abroad, I encourage seasonal visits to a recommended and reputable maker/violin shop. All CTS studio visits for sound adjustments, cleanings, and gluing of seams are also free of charge, on a lifetime basis. I wish my clients to be fully looked after, and my instruments kept in peak performance condition.

  • All work is guaranteed.
  • Trade-ins are considered.
  • Prices are available on request.