Recommended starter TOOLS and MATERIALS (summer and apprenticeship programs)


  • 2H pencils
  • Engineer’s square (2” and 6”)
  • Dial, digital, or Vernier caliper
  • Ruler – metric/imperial combo (6” and 18”)
  • Firmer chisel 1.5” (Stanley, Fuller, etc.)
  • Arching gouge #5 (Stubai, Henry Taylor)
  • Block plane – low angle (Stanley, Veritas…)
  • Sharpening wet stones (100 and 4000 grit)
  • Violin maker’s knives (3mm and 12mm)
  • Crossing file 6” – 00 coarseness (Grobet, Dick)
  • Flat file 6” – 00 coarseness (Grobet, Dick)
  • Cabinet scraper
  • Compass/divider
  • Protractor
  • Shop apron

MATERIALS: (can be purchased from school with advance notice)

  • Violin making wood (spruce top – maple back, sides, neck)
  • Block material (spruce or willow)
  • Aluminum 18 gauge sheet template material (6”x18”)
  • Birch Plywood 12mm mold material (16”x9”)

The TOOLS and MATERIALS listed above can be purchased from BOSCO VIOLIN SUPPLY (Canada), or INTERNATIONAL VIOLIN SUPPLY (US), among others. Jeweler’s supply houses are an excellent source for files, and Lee Valley or Woodcraft (among others) for block planes, chisels, gouges, etc.. Flea markets, garage sales, and estate sales can be a treasure trove of fine used tools as well, although when purchasing used tools it helps to have a knowledgeable companion along if one doesn’t know what to look for.